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Public COVID support for youth work

What is this survey about, and who is it for?

This survey is about any public support you as a youth worker or your youth work organisation may have received during the Coronavirus pandemic. Youth work in this context is understood as working with and for young people in a variety of contexts and spaces, on a wide range of themes relevant to young people, and through a diversity of youth work structures and methods. This information will help us understand the resources made available to youth work through any level of government as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. The survey is conducted by the RAY Network – the open Network for the Research-based Analysis of European Youth Programmes. Whether you are (normally) enjoying the benefits of youth work, or (normally) offering or organising youth work: we want to hear from you, and would like to thank you for your time!

What do we mean by public support?

What we mean by public support is publicly funded support for youth work provided through governmental structures at any level (local, regional, national, European). This support could be related to finances, mentoring, trainings, donations, etc. that enabled you and/or your organisation to continue providing services to your target youth groups.

What do we mean by organisation?

What we mean by organisation can be a group, network, an administration, a department, a team, or a collective of like-minded individu-als working toward a common purpose of youth work. Your organisation can be small, medium, large or any size in between.

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